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Stay at our hotel near Lookout Mountain and prepare to have your breath taken away at 2,000 feet above sea level as you take in the spectacular views overlooking Chattanooga! Home to other amazing attractions—such as Ruby Falls, The Incline Railway, and Rock City—Lookout Mountain is an astonishing natural formation that offers so much to do and see for everyone.  Make sure to add this popular natural attraction into your trip itinerary and let our hotel near Lookout Mountain TN take care of the rest when it comes to comfortable and fully-furnished suites and amenities for your extended stay!

A Day in the Mountains


Packing in all there is to do at Lookout Mountain in one day can be a mountainous task! That’s why we’re here to help with a suggested itinerary plan for your visit to Lookout Mountain, so that you can make the most of your trip.

1.  Start at Ruby Falls! This attraction within Lookout Mountain opens at 8am daily and gives visitors stunning views unlike anywhere else on the mountain.

2.   Next, take a walk through Rock City Gardens and experience the famous “See Seven States” panoramic view.

3.  Lastly, top off the day with a visit to Incline Railway! Known as “America’s Most Amazing Mile,” this railway offers an unforgettable mile-high view from the Lookout Mountain station observation deck.

Seasonal Events

It isn’t all just great outdoor views of Chattanooga and the surrounding states at Lookout Mountain—there’s also a variety of events held throughout the year that make Lookout Mountain a perfect weekend getaway for everyone. So, make sure to get a full night’s rest at our Chattanooga hotel near Lookout Mountain before exploring all around the area and attending any of these seasonal events there: 



Ruby Falls Christmas Underground & Ruby Fall Discovery Day



Shamrock City, Earth Dayz & Southern Blooms Festival



Battle Below the Clouds, Ruby Falls ZIPstream, Aerial Adventure & Summer Music Weekends



Ruby Falls Lantern Tours, Blowing Springs Farm, Dread Hollow & Rocktoberfest

Lookout for Savings


Make the most out of your stay at our hotel near Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN and save on tickets when you visit more than one attraction! Save big with combo tickets and enjoy the full experience at Lookout Mountain at a great price.


Attraction Adults Children
Combo: Ruby Falls, Incline Railway & Rock City Flex Ticket $57.90 (save up to $7.00) $31.90 (save up to $3.00)
Incline Railway $15.00 $7.00
Ruby Falls $22.95 $12.95
Rock City $21.95 $12. 95


If you’re looking for a hotel near Lookout Mountain that offers spacious, fully-furnished suites and amenities that cover all the bases, book with us today!

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