Our Hotel near Tennessee Aquarium


Enjoy a free hearty breakfast with your family at our hotel near Tennessee Aquarium and get ready to dive into a whole new aquatic world of wonder and fun! With so much to see and explore at the Tennessee Aquarium, you and your family are going to need at least two hours to fully enjoy the experience, so make sure you get a full night’s rest in one of our 78 spacious and tastefully-designed lodgings before heading out and venturing to the top-rated aquarium in America!

Two Worlds of Wonder

Stay at our hotel near TN aquarium in Chattanooga and embark on a journey that will take you from the mountains to the sea inside the aquarium’s two buildings. Get up close to a variety of amazing freshwater creatures and learn all about them in immersive experiences—from mountain to river to ocean. 

The River Journey Building

This building introduces guests to an array of wonderful freshwater creatures, including snapping turtles, lively otters, sharks, alligators, piranhas, and more! Visitors will journey through various areas—such as the Appalachian Cover Forest, Discovery Hall, and the Tennessee River Gallery—of the building and experience all kinds of unique exhibits.

The Ocean Journey Building

Here, guests will encounter a different set of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, including cheeky penguins, fascinating jellyfish, colorful reef fish, and stunning butterflies, just to name a few. 

Beyond Two Worlds


Take on the full experience when you stay at our hotel near Chattanooga Tennessee Aquarium and go from River Journey to Ocean Journey to more! Visit the Tennessee Aquarium and elevate your experience to another level of excitement with these extra additions:


 IMAX 3D Theater – Prepare for a fully immersive experience that will take you from the blue ocean depths to mesmerizing islands! Installed with a new IMAX Laser projection systems, visitors can experience nature films in stunning 3D on Chattanooga’s largest screen. (Aquarium visit add-on for only $8)

 Backstage Pass Tour  – Get VIP access to go behind the scenes and put yourself in the boots of the aquarium’s animal caretaker in this 45-minute experience for groups of 15 people or less! Book a tour in either the River or Ocean Journey buildings.

• $14 Member Backstage Pass / $17 Non-member Backstage Pass (Aquarium admission is required.)

• $56.95 for Adult Backstage Pass + Aquarium/IMAX Combo Ticket with Advance Reservation ($59.95 at ticketing center with no reservation)

• $43.95 for Ages 6-12 Backstage Pass + Aquarium/IMAX Combo Ticket with Advance Reservation ($46.95 at ticketing center with no reservation)

 Tennessee Aquarium App – Download the free Tennessee Aquarium app from the iTunes Store or Google Play and use it to see the complete animal programs schedule, IMAX show times, and more!

 Sleep in the Deep – Ever wanted to sleep alongside sharks, stingrays, and other majestic underwater creatures? Enter a whole new underwater world when you experience “Sleep in the Deep” at the Tennessee Aquarium. This overnight experience includes an IMAX showing, a tour in both the River Journey and Ocean Journey buildings, along with snacks, encounters with some of the critters, and more before calling it a night undersea!


Enjoy a restful sleep in our cozy suites at our hotel near Tennessee Aquarium and prepare to be amazed by one of Chattanooga’s top attractions!

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